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I've been vocal about Manny and catchweights...if both fighters agree to a set weight then that is fine, but Manny has a habit of insisting guys come down to meet him and he rarely catches flack for it. If it's just another fight, then whatever, it is what it is, but when there is a title on the line it's ridiculous that the commissions will bend the rules simply to collect their sanctioning fee. That's why I loved it when Floyd waived the option to fight for the title against Mosley. At this point, who cares about titles? Guys like Manny and Floyd are way past the point of being just "champions".

I hope Manny makes quick work of Tony, but I think it's gonna be a tough fight. I would hate to see Manny lose right now because I still think that the potential for the Mayweather fight next Spring is very high. Supposedly Floyd has a fight in the works too, but as usual things have been pretty tight lipped around camp Mayweather recently.
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