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It stands to reason that whether it had an outcome on the fight or not is perfectly relevant.

The commision came in and WHIPED the grease off after the incident. They didn't disqualify GSP at that point so they shouldn't be able to do it now. After the Grease is whiped off BJ is still completely ineffective in every way.

Your right it is no different then an illegal blow. They take their five minutes and then the fight continue. GSP was whiped and then continued.

BJ got his ass whooped and his legion of fans are having trouble swallowing it. I get it and I know how you feel.

What exactly do you want to happen? You want BJ to get a rematch or something? WHY? What is the point. GSP embarrased BJ in everyway. Another fight would prove nothing except what everyone already knows BJ = go to lightweight and stay there fatty.
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