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Originally Posted by bradwright
Hey Kyle,,sorry if i offended you or anyone else for that matter,,it was never my intent for that to happen,
My question to Nate was a political question and not a logistical one,
but you are right, just asking the question on this forum was wrong on my part and for that i hope you accept my apology,
good luck Kyle, i really do wish you all the best and i hope things turn out well for you.
Well thank you Brad and I myself apologize for coming off bitter like I did. My biggest thing is your either for the war or your not. And I dont care which one your for. I just believe know matter what your oppinion or your political party is you should all ways support the ones that are over there putting it on the line for us. Heck half the soldiers dont want to be there....I know I didnt.....every time I leave, I leave behind my wife and 5 children....thats hard but it's also the job i signed up to do.

2LT Charles Rubado was my tank commander shot and killed on 29AUG2005 by a sniper in Tal Afar Iraq a short time later the same sniper shot down a Kiowa helicopter, killing one soldier and seriously wounding another. I am telling you this because I want to continue to remember the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you again brad for understanding and let there be know hard feelings between us
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