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* Cheating is defined as an "excessive use of grease" in NSAC Mandate
* You need proof that this occured in other fights, video evdience......................where are those tapes........
* They have stated it was a mistake, the question is was it a pre-conceived which case they are all in trouble

What i am saying, is where is this investigation going? I only see ramfications to GSP or his record if they show proof that this was not a mistake, and it's happened in the past?

Without that, this whole case is dead and a waste of time.

Originally Posted by lc87
The way I see it it was there or the nsac wouldn't have said anything further than whiping it off. So it was applied and that's cheeting wheather or not it affected the fight I dunno. But he was caugjt cheating and that's enough to make his whole career questioned expecially with all the other fighters claiming the same thing. So should he have an astesk by all the fights where he felt slippery on his offical record like has been proposed in football for marriman and baseball for bonds?
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