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Originally Posted by Buc Nasty View Post
Lower than ever.

I'm not the type of person to broadcast my problems but today is really testing me. I've been in a job for 6 months now at a company I have given 9 years to, and transferring to this role in IT I have witnessed nothing but absolute stupidity in the management and other staff members.

I have done just about everything to keep my team afloat in the last 6 months and my boss who left on Friday has let me know how much he appreciated everything I've done to help him by changing shifts on zero notice, working on my days off, covering for other peoples mistakes and teaching them how to fix problems themself. It has been a constant battle since day one as we are badly short staffed.

Today I got left on my own running the helpdesk which should have 6 people on it, because of some stupid pointless meeting and ended up working almost an hour after my shift finished because they were still in the meeting room. Not to mention the fact I am covering the team leader role without any recognition or a pay rise. To top it all off I ended up in a collision after work when some idiots walked out in the road forcing the van in front of me to brake suddenly and I had no time to react. Luckily he was fine and there wasn't any damage to his van, my car on the other hand has plenty of damage and won't start. Of course though, me hitting him makes it my fault.

Sorry to sound like such an ass, I know there are far bigger problems in the world but it feels like the more I give the more I get kicked in the face for it.
Ugh, that stinks. You are allowed to have a pity party for yourself over it. The stress from a job that requires that much from you adds up and over even a short period of time impacts your health. Sorry that I don't have a way to fix the problem but at least you can come here to vent a little and have others hear what you are saying.


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