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If it works, I will join the Democratic party. That's how confident I am that this plan of spending 1.5 trillion dollars on stupid projects will work.

As a salesman, I understand that you have to spend money to make money. But contributing $1 million to a disc golf course in Austin, TX isn't going to create more jobs. "Green Energy" funding isn't going to create more jobs (a town of 194 in Alabama is requesting $375 million, mostly for green energy, that's 2 million per person!!!). And giving 1 billion to black colleges is, in itself, racist. What about those students with 3.75 GPAs who can't afford to pay for their tuition, what about them? I was watching a news report on CNN this morning that shows 600,000 very qualified students (3.5 gpa and above) do not return for a 2nd semester and do not receive a degree within 8 years of graduating high school. If you want to stimulate the economy, why not create more jobs and give those students who've EARNED good grades an opportunity to fill those jobs?

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