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David Fanshawe, the English composer, died last month apparently, he was most famous for his African Sanctus, which across the whole setting of a Latin Mass, juxtaposed the Roman Catholic Mass, against Tribal Worship of Native Africans. As well as being a Christian mass, it reflects an interesting interpretation of the history of evangelism througout Africa, often the Chruch Music is loud, abrasive, and dommineering over the African chants, one movement almost relates a call and response outline, thats very strange and hard to listen to actually

Two movements are the best known, the Sanctus itself, and his version of The Lords Prayer both below Its actually a beautiful setting of what is usually quite a boring prayer musically by this time of course you are drawring the mass almost to a close, is it any wonder the African has been almost passified into an echoing operatic voice...where once it was strangely wild and at odds, now it seems to have fallen in line

I dont quite know what Fanshawe was actually trying to show in this setting
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