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This is the key statement in the whole debate.........

Pre-conceived notion! As this thing drags out in the coming months, there has to be some evidence that supports that there was a pre-conceived notion. Otherwise, it will be classified as an error which may or may not have been "excessive" use of lubricant as per the NSAC policy. BJ has to go through old tapes and show evidence, video of this happening in the past.......or some sort of proof that this was their strategy.

Without pulling this together, the case is dead. He can use other witnesses, maybe even Matt Hughes to show precedence but I think he needs video footage of those fights, specifically between rounds.

A joint opening letter signed by Jackson and Nurse refuted the claim that there had been a pre-conceived intention to apply the Vaseline to create an unfair advantage for St. Pierre, as Nurse had been given the responsibility only a few minutes before the team entered cage. The letter also stated that “at no time was more than a small amount of Vaseline being used between the first and second rounds,” so it couldn’t have effected the outcome of the bout.

Originally Posted by Crisco
His attempt at rubber guard slid right down the back. Could vaseline have been a factor? Sure but no more then sweat and GSP's bear strength and posturing at the time.

Rubberguard is like any other move it is not 100% and BJ was basically wobbled and gassed and completely overwhelmed by GSP's control of him.
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