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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Oh, that's terrible about Harvin; do we know what happened--heat stroke?

I can't argue with that, JB. The coach should be the one in charge. So why isn't he? Why are they letting Brett come to camp 3 weeks late? Why have they let him get away with this on again/off again crap. Because I do admit, it's crap and not fair to his team.

Maybe it's a case of them reporting something (slanting) in a way to make Brett look bad, JB. You think? I hope that's the case and Brett wasn't so unfeeling and disrespectful to his downed team mate.
Heat stroke would be the first logical guess, but actually Harvin has issues with severe migraines, and I mean BAD. I wouldn't be surprised if the migraines are the downfall of his football career. He is supposedly doing better today, so I will be praying for him.

I'm not too sure it's a case of slanted reporting, because its actually coming from a few different sources close to the team that players are starting lose respect for Childress over all the special exceptions given to Favre. We could see a locker room disaster in Minnesota this season...

At the same time, I doubt Brett MEANT it as a slight to Percy, but he should know better.
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