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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Excuse me...but without the rest of the world you will never win this war. Its a permanet ongoing thing I pointed out, there will always be extremists and terrorists.

The United Nations would do fine without the United would probably move to Central Europe where the Court of Appeals and the Human Rights Courts are...incase you hadnt realized...The United States pretty much ignored the United Nations ever since it violated International Law...You only eve use it when you dont want to actually mount a campaign...for dont really want to invade Palastine...soo you turn to the United Nations...but it doesnt fool the rest of the world into believing that The United States actually values the UN at all. Look at Lebannon, that was another place. Rather then punish Israel when she steps out of line, you leave it to the United Nations....You kinda cant have it both ways...if you dont respect and use the UN in times of strife...why do you expect them to help you or listen to you at all?

In a Consortium it doesnt work when one person out of a number of equals says "I know what is right and I'm doing it whether you listen to me or not" and then when a Allied Force (like Israel) gets into trouble (Like Leb or Pal) go running to the Consortium and say "I really think we should work together to tackle the issue of Terrorism here" That is EXACTLY what the Bush Administration have bassically done...and they wonder why some Europeans do not understand America.

Now the United Nations later sanctioned the Iraqi war in terms of clear-up opporations...but you need to be fully aware that its not just American Forces who are in that war...its a number of Countries...when will America start to LISTEN to her Allies, when she wants to do something OUTSIDE her jurisdiction? Because with friends there is mutual respect...sometimes the way some of you speak about the rest of the world...countries that have breeched international Law on your behalf, countries whose forces have also feels more like abuse then friendship. You dont tell your friends you love them...when honnestly you dont care about their views or how they feel.

The Good thing about Barack Obama is he has pledged to listen. He may not aggree with world opinion, and he may not follow it...but at least he will hear us out before he plunges headlong into something. That I can respect. I can respect a person who listens to me and dissagrees...but I pisses me off if someone just flat out ignores my views...then comes to me for help and support later.

Besides...if you read what I Put...I said I DONT think that any insitution outside of the U.S should try its own Prisoners of War...They ARENT European Prisoners...they are American Prisoners...ergo YOU should put them on Trial..and YOU should hand out the punishment...and you'll notice that I reccomended Death as a suitable and fitting punishment....not permanent detention.
Dave, you're going to find that very few American citizens recognize the UN's "authority." Anyone can say, "Hey, we're in charge now, you need to listen to us;" but if they don't display any kind of real leadership, then their authority is empty and meaningless. The UN has proven itself to be a society of endless debaters who never resolve anything and can best be described as a "pooling of ignorance." They have no real power.

America is a sovereign nation, we won our war of independence over 2 centuries ago and broke all allegiances and loyalties to Europe.

The simple fact is that the UN is powerless without the United States and they need us much more than we need them.
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