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Crickets...I really thought somebody would at least be upset about this:

Originally Posted by rockdawg21
And for an additional bonus, a small town in Alabama (pop. 194), is requesting $375,000,000 or $2 million per person for mostly "green energy" (33 proposals, with 22 of them being for "green energy").
Along with the more traditional proposals to replace streetlights with solar-powered lights (cost: $3,479,200), to install solar panels on the town hall (cost: $77,000), and to build solar-powered recharging stations for electric golf carts and vehicles (cost: $620,000), Edwardsville and Talladega Springs have assembled a set of even more far-reaching projects.

An outlay of $50.4 million, for example, would go toward installing water pipelines beneath roads to soak up the sun's rays, transferring heat. That technology is currently being used in the Netherlands, which found that while the cost of installation was double that of normal gas heating, the system halved the amount of energy required.
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