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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
I agree that the sub made that FOTN. otherwise it's a onesided beating. and a sub that turns a one sided beating into FOTN is SOTN worthy.
i disagree with this, a one sided beating is still fotn, fotn is imho for the most entertaining fight, most action, even if it is from only one guy, and 4.5 action packed rds of silva beatdown is very entertaining

of course a two sided slugfest would prolly be a better pick for fotn but a 23 solid minute beatdown of AS in the main event would prolly even trump all the other fights anyways

the only thing that really for sure isn't fotn worthy would be a no action fight

matt's fight was a nice sub, but lacked action, it was too short, therefore no fotn, so submissions in my opinion can't possibly turn a fight into fight of the night, it's an oxymoron, fight of the night takes everything into consideration BUT the ending, that is what the ko and sub bonuses are for
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