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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
i understand that, my point is, is that without chaels effort anderson would not have got the bonus, it was not silva's effort that got him the fotn it was his effort that got him sotn,

he got fotn, by default, by getting pounded on, not by fighting, so dana had to give chael something!!! and he couldn't give him fotn without giving it to silva too
I gotcha now. Sorry, I was trying to browse through the forums quick while at lunch & I guess I didn't read your post as thoroughly as I should have

Originally Posted by adamt View Post
silva got his bonus for his effort, and he got a bonus for chaels effort too

so in conclusion, don't be ticked off that anderson got two bonuses, he got the one solely piggy backing on sonnen, who did deserve it, cause if sonnen didn't get fotn bonus, we would most certainly have something to be ticked about
I disagree. I think that, without the last-second sub, that wouldn't have gotten FotN. Chael's "bonus" would have been the MW belt & all the fame that goes along with it. There were other fights that night (Guida/Dos Anjos comes to mind) that were more hotly contested that the Silva/Sonnen fight was up until the sub. IMO, that doesn't get FotN unless Silva has that amazing come-from-behind victory. The itself sub was not worthy of SotN, but the sub in context of that bout made the confrontation FotN worthy.
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