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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
sorry for the delay, pal
1. Matt walks interviewer through ending of Almeida fight. Matt mentions that he knew he had him, and told ref “He’s out” when he went limp, right before the ref stopped it.
2. Asked about where win puts him in title hunt: Matt says that’s really up to UFC. Taking time off. Feels like his kids got neglected because he’s been training all summer.
3. Interview asks if Matt feels he can give he could give su another title run. Matt says if the UFC wants to put him in that position again he’d “Love to run for the title. You know I had the title for a pretty long time, and I wish I had it now, so you know I’d love to do a title run no matter who the champion might be”.
4. Asked about pressure of being a Hall Of Famer. Matt talks about what an honor it is and the pressure comes from not wanting to disrespect that honor that the UFC has given him. It’s motivating but on top of it it’s a lot of pressure. “Who needs more pressure”. He stresses that he feels very honored by the title of HOFer
5. Asked about what gets him out of bed to train. “Love to compete…competition, that’s what got me in this sport and that’s whats keeping me in it”.
6. What are the biggest changes in the UFC since he started? Unified Rules, working with commissioners, other countries branches. ZUFFA has done everything in their ability to make this sport bigger, better, more well known. “Don’t know how anyone could have done a better job then they have done”.
7. Matt talks about the staff at the HIT Squad or as the interviewer calls it “Team Hughes Gym” (twice). Matt is polite and doesn’t correct him.
8. Asks if Matt will ever make the jump to Twitter. Matt says probably but he’s “Old School Guy” (last to get a cell phone and all that) will probably be the last guy on Twitter
9. Asks Matt who has helped him achieve the most in UFC. Matt says Dana, Lorenzo, and entire UFC staff. He said they are always there for him when he has questions.

Matt seemed very relaxed in this interview.
Great summary of an awesome interview!
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