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Originally Posted by Buzzard
I hate to have my first post start this way, but here goes.

"I really believe that we have the best forum on the internet period."

While I have enjoyed reading here, I have never felt comfortable posting because I have seen the gang mentality in action here when one goes against the grain.

I have lurked here for probably over a year at least and have seen so much that has made me bite my tongue. I have seen posts deleted because the authors views didn't coincide with the moderators and things to that effect.

I have seen people banned for differing views, especially if one doesn't follow lock-step and love Bush and Christianity.

I could hold back no more, and apologize if I have offended anyone. I'm just calling it like I see it.

Oh Yeah, Looking forward to Matt's next fight. Go Matt!
relax there Buzzard,things ain't so bad around here,heck im still here,and if you ask around a bit you just might find out how truly remarkable that really is,
as far as the gang mentality go's,heck thats all part of the fun here,,if your mad a few people but dont want to take the time to tell them individually all you have to do is insult one of them and the rest will come at you guns a blazing because they feel insulted too,it really is a thing of beauty if you do it right,and it will reward you with literally hours upon hours of entertainment,

as far as getting banned for having a different view point then the powers to be around here?well,unless you insult them in someway i'm pretty sure your safe,,,(sorry but my finger seems to be acting up again), ,
and i know your think,what about Nate?,well let me tell you, when the new forums opened up and i came back Nate and i had couple of rumbles and i was very close to being banned for what i thought was just speaking my mind,well nate and a couple of his gang friends,well maybe a few more then a couple,pretty sure it wasn't over 10 though,,okay okay,it was some where around 20 or so,are you happy now?can i get back to my story?,geez,
any way like i was saying Nate and 20 or so of his gang friends pointed out where my thought process might have been a little flawed,
and while some people,(like yourself) might have interpreted this as some sort of a personal attack i did not,i actually am grateful that there are this many people that truly are interested in what i have to say and are not shy to give me some constructive criticism,thanks guys,:
although Nate didn't like me much in the beginning,,,like is really kind of a strong word,it was more like hate me much i think,what ever,not really important anymore because i think Nate really kinda likes me now,,a man crush sort of thing i would say
I'm sure when he gets up in the morning the first thing he thinks is,man i wonder what that brads up to on the forums today,not saying nothing bad i hope because i really dont want to ban him,,i really kinda like the guy now,
or something along those lines i'm sure,
all those touchy feely posts by Tyburn must have had something to do with Nate getting in touch with his,,how shall we say, his less then manly side i would think,

well Buzzard i hope this helps you in some way,
and for everyone else,please,have a nice,(and Nate i was just kidding about that man crush thing,,i know you still hate me)
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