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Well according to Todd, my hot dog and ice cream diet won't make you a world champ, whatever!!! HAHAHA! I know that cutting down on carbs and such will help, but you also need to cleanse out your liver, it has like 10 thousand functions in your body and unless it is healthy, your body will take longer to lose weight, build cardio fitness, etc. Lots of cranberry juice, 100% juice, not the cran-grape or cran-cherry stuff you get at the store. Unsweetened, pure cranberry juice (4-6oz.) mixed with water (26 to 28oz.) and an organic sweetener called stevia (10 to 15 drops). This makes a light drink that also helps clear that liver out. At first I didn't believe it, but it really does work, at least it did for me. Of course cut out any soda, even diet soda, and all the starchy, yeasty foods and all will be well!! So you can pretty much drink water and eat ice cubes, right??? LOL!! Keep us posted on your success, Kim.
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