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Originally Posted by NateR
I understand the historical reasons for why unions exist and they are very good reasons. Working for a corporation used to be no better than slavery, you were essentially owned by the company that you worked for and, as soon as you could no longer produce, you were cast out into the street and forgotten. So I agree with why unions need to exist.

2) Our Declaration of Independence simple offers the opportunity to pursue happiness, it doesn't guarantee any results whatsoever.
What you dont understand is that for the majority of people it STILL IS...and the boycott idea is the same as a stike...useless unless EVERYONE follows it. Can you guarentee that all Citizens will follow your example, because ONE simply isnt enough to challenge these institutions

2) the the American dream is a neatly packaged myth. After all...anyone has any opportunities in any western world country...without the guarentee of sucess, America is no better then anywhere actually has less safeguards then the UK in terms of Employment.
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