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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
That's one of the things that I will always hold against Alves. Matt was 3.5 pounds over on the morning of the weigh-ins and spent the day cutting that extra weight. Thiago knew that he would be 4 pounds over and made no attempt to cut weight. They could have easily just made it into a catch-weight fight instead of forcing Matt to go through the whole weight cut process.

I see it as a cheat on the part of Alves' team to give Thiago a strength advantage.
I know Matt wouldn't have refused to fight him (as we saw) when he found out Alves didn't make weight, but could he have refused at that point, Nate? If so, that speaks to Matt's character.

Even though Jon Fitch was nice about it at the post-fight press conference when asked about Thiago not making weight for their fight, he did bring up Matt's fight with Thiago saying, "In his fight with Matt, he came in 8 lbs. over; that's just ridiculous."

I know Matt has mentioned that he wouldn't mind having a rematch with Alves, but I don't think Alves deserves a rematch with Matt because of him being so disrespectful in not making weight then, and, like you said, being deceitful until the last minute when he had to get on that scale after Matt had already cut weight. And I did not believe that lame @$$ story about his ankle either.

He's making a habit of this and like you and PTM said, shows his character. I hope DW sticks to what he said in the PFPC about forcing him to go up to 185.

When did he have brain surgery?
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