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Originally Posted by Sgtchawk View Post
Ha, yeah...I'm pretty familiar with other forums and their feelings on Matt...
No biggie, it's their loss. Where I'm from, living on a farm, loving God and country, and valuing friends and family are all things that are to be admired. Matt is a walking example of where hard work and determination can get you. I personally do not like BJ Penn and GSP, but that's no reason to go around bashing those guys, so what makes it ok for people that come from a different back ground or who have different theological philosophies to bash Matt? Anyways, I am a country boy that was raised on a farm and going to sunday school in a little white baptist church, and I appreciate having someone that represents those ideals being at the top of this profession...

And war little Evil in his next's hoping he breaks that stupid skid he's on...
Haven't you heard? Christian bashing is the fashionable thing to do now.


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