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Originally Posted by sunshine_jkd View Post
Hello everyone! I am a proud new member of the Matt Hughes forums and am quite excited. Matt Hughes is the reason I love mixed martial arts.

I am a martial artist and have been my whole life. I teach and train in several disciplines. When I first heard of the UFC I was turned off, mostly because I was use to more traditional kickboxing, muay thai or k1 or strictly grappling matches at the time. I must admit it was quite ignorant and closed minded of me! The first fight I sat through was Hughes vs Trigg 1 and I was hooked immediately, and Mr. Hughes became my guy. Since then I rarely miss an event, and follow the sport very closely.

I have also known of this site since then and have been checking out these forums a few times a day. Until now I haven't taken the plunge to become a "posting" member, because I am typically somewhat turned off by most forums. But most people on here seem very different. Instead of the usuall negativity you see in most forums, there is an overwhelming amount of support and positive energy and I love it. So not only am I a first time Matt Hughes forum member,..but I am a first time forum member in general!

I look forward to this experience, and wish Mr. Hughes the best of luck in this Hunting season
We shall do our level best not to turn you off from this site. Most people here are fantastic individuals myself included But if you have been a lurker your probably well aware of what we are like

Did you know there is a fighter who fights this week, a suckerpunch fighter called "sunshine" Matt Fiordirosa......he has a website
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