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Agreed. He didn't even have to decency to give Matt a heads up & try to negotiate a catchweight in the days leading up to the fight. Instead, he let Matt completely dehydrate himself & then said "Oops, my ankle". Sheisty move.

Did anyone else here Joe during the PPV saying that Matt had to watch out for the guillotine while shooting because it's Ricardo's specialty & Matt's been caught by Hallman with it before? I was like " You're going kinda deep into the archives to reference a 1998 loss in Extreme Challenge 21, ain't cha Joe? "
I've always wondered if Joe is fair to Matt considering Joe's an outspoken atheist. I believe it was Shane Carwin who he was interviewing after his loss to Brock who said to Joe something about thanking God and Joe got this half smirk on his face & did what looked like an eye roll.
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