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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
2k a year
167.00 a month
42 buck a week

Not that bad when you do the math (I'm sure you have)

Please keep us posted on how it;s going. how'd the wife like it?
I can't get my wife to join the fun. I really think she'd be good and hitting people
Yeah, it's like $174 or something and around $180 with the 7% financing, not bad!

She really enjoyed it, but when she started seeing numbers, she kinda freaked. She always converts things to Philippine Pesos and says "that's expensive".

Moreso than that, she has a sporadic evening schedule and works on the weekends. She's keeping the 8-5 during the weekday open so that she can pursue a job in accounting. Hopefully, she'll get something that pays really well and can work less in the evenings so she can start attending classes. She figures I can go, learn, then teach her what I learned. That's ok, but I'd really like for her to go to the class and learn from the trained professionals.

Pray she'll find a good-paying job soon and she can do this!

BTW, my right elbow hurts (not painful, but I can feel it) from getting popped in an armbar last night. Just wanted to see what it feels like!

They're doing jiu jitsu tonight for an hour, should be fun.
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