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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
I hate tight clothes. Baggy is the way to go for me. Plus, the Aero shirts are kinda weird in their fit because it seems they're made for slender guys. I wear a large t-shirt, but with them, they're really narrow so I wear a XL or 2XL depending on the shirt and because of that they're really long, and I'm not gonna tuck in the shirt.

It was fun, the Muay Thai was pretty cool learning how to throw punches and kicks, and we did 2 armbar variations from full guard.

Price is a little steep around $6000 for the 36-month program, but by the end of it, I should have several black belts, I think 3 of them
2k a year
167.00 a month
42 buck a week

Not that bad when you do the math (I'm sure you have)

Please keep us posted on how it;s going. how'd the wife like it?
I can't get my wife to join the fun. I really think she'd be good and hitting people
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