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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I forgot about the brain surgery thing. However, he was still cleared to fight and he had 2 hours to lose half a pound. There's really no good excuse for not making weight.

I found this quote from Alves about the weight cut:

Alves told reporters he was 177 pounds at UFC 117's pre-fight press conference and said he would make weight without issue. But when he stepped on the scale this past Friday, he came in heavy on his first attempt and shortly afterward chose to take the CSAC's fine.

"Could I have lost half a pound?" Alves asked. "I believe so, but it would have taken me a long time to get the half a pound to come off. So it was just easier for me at the time to let them take 20 percent of my purse. I wasn't happy or anything like that. But it was the smarter decision for me."
I don't like Alves as a fighter. Don't forget, he was caught with Spironolactone in his system, so he is a proven cheater. He knew days in advance of the Matt Hughes fight that he wasn't going to make weight. Instead of trying his best, he coasted into the fight with a huge weight and strength advantage. In the quote above, he admits that he could have made weight but took the "easier" road. I think it speaks volumes about his character.
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