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There have been two memorial services in Saint Paul's Cathedral for the War in Iraq. The first was to commemorate victory in the initial invasion, it took place in the fall of 2003. The Second one took place in the fall of 2009 when the major British participation in Iraq was complete and Soverignty passed back to the people of the city of Basra. Below is a clip taken from the second service, including the Coronational Fanfare, which is played much to quickly, and the organ comes in much to late, but other then that, a good showing

Something Horrific that I have discovered from the video, if you look at the start of the anthem, you can clearly see the Dome Altar has been stripped! this saddens me greatly :'( I guess it was done to honour those who died. You NEVER strip an altar without good reason. The only time you should ever see an Altar in such a state is 1) if it has a freese on its front and is therefore never dressed, or rather, can never be undressed without vandalism 2) someone is in the act of changing the linen or frontal 3) its late on Good Friday, or Easter Saturday. Its akin to the Jewish King tearing his clothes out of woe...its not something intended, its something thats a response to something really tragic

The news covered the event because the Church of England has NEVER been supportive of the War, like a referendum would have shown, the Populas did not back the Governments decision, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, apparently used his address to say as much, infront of Queen, and the Parliamentarians who authorised the decision.

Can you say...Awkward...for the Politicians and Soldiers who had to listen to it? The Church of England Famously refused to "Pray Fr Victory" over Iraq, stating that the Church doesnt do that sort of things with Wars, but this was the first time they ever stressed that. Even the Crucifix hanging in the pulpit behind him has been removed. Clearly, they are making a reference, to the absence of Christ in the conflict...thats why the Altars are stripped and during Lent often statues are removed or covered, its to symbolize their absense at a point where in Chronology it looked like Christ has failed. I am very suprised that Williams dared to do this. Whilst I may aggree with him in this instance, I have great disdain for the guy for most of the other things he does and says. He famously uttered that he didnt care about State Religion, and he famously uttered that many parts of Sharia Law pertaining to civil dissagreements should be implimented. Disgusting from someone in his office.

What IS strange though is the Cope that he is wearing, that is NOT one of ours, not unless they have had a new set made, which I doubt considering the fact the rest of Chapter is in the Reds that I recognise. WHY are they wearing Red. October the 9th is not a Major Feast Day....are they REALLY dressed in Red to signify Martyrdom??? Unbelievable!! It would be more customery to wear black, the Churchill Copes for example...Clearly this is a statement. The Church is blaming the Government for the loss of lives during the Iraqi Conflict, and they are BOLDLY stating this, from the Altar frontal (or lack there of...not even Red...but beyond red....absence of colour) to their Blood Red copes! Thats Harsh...I think far TOO Harsh for a Christian Memorial Service. Lets face it, regardless of what you think of the legitamcy of the war, it happened, and it happened a long time ago...what good does it do, after its all over, to make a fresh statement of condemnation...embarissing the service personnel, embarissing the Government...when you as a Church used political unbiasness as an excuse not to pray for victory in the first place. Thats Really Low!

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