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PTM my list is going to be a big one . Im not being arrogant here but i AM the biggest Hank fan i know , My youngest son is name Hank , ive been a fan since i was a little guy and have never changed. Honestly , id start buying albums , your gonna find not so mainstream stuff of his the you will like , there are SOOOOO many songs he did and i like almost all of them.

Here are some of the not so mainstream ones that i really like . The ones posted are allllll excellent .

Feelin Better -

Blues Man

Ive Got Rights

American Way

Between Heaven and Hell

Southern Thunder

Outlaw Women

Ive Been Down

Man Of steel

Country State of Mind

Dixie on my mind


All my rowdy friends have settled down

Hog Wild

Hotel Whiskey

Cut Bank Montana

Major Moves

The COnversation

This aint Dallas

If you dont like Hank Williams

If it will it will
Love all the above. blues man is my favorite out of the list. (yours too i bet....go ahead admit it we all know you are a big softy!!) My dad plays it on the guitar all the time. I love older country. Most the stuff played today isn't even what I'd call country music.

Mac I tried to name my daughter Wynette (that's what Tammy Wynette was called before she was popular) but Rich said NO!! He doesn't share my love of old country singers
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