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Originally Posted by bradwright
you sound very bitter and i'm sorry you have had to endure things in Iraq that have caused you to become that way but you assume i get my information from watching T.V and you couldn't be farther from the truth,,
as far as fighting non Iraqi's? that information has been out for a long time now and if you want to know who is footing the bill just look to IRAN,
i dont dispute that a lot of positive change has occurred in Iraq all i'm saying is it wont last,,heck half the people there hate the other half of the people and as soon as the majority of the troops are gone they will start killing each other and it will all be fueled by Iran,
you know the only thing that got me up set was when you replied to Nate and said "exactly what was won in Iraq?" Now I As well as many soldier and vets and even a lot of Americans take offense to that. The reason is all the hard work and lives lost and to me it's disrespectful. i'm sorry but it is. To me it sounds like your saying we lost, or we haven't done any thing to show for it. The number 1 reason why a country loses a war is B/C there is no support back home and the mainstream media will be negative

I've been to Iraq twice and my second tour I was medivac out and now I'm under going ALL kinds of treatment for TBI. If you told me we should have never gone in to Iraq I respect your opinion thats fine, i may disagree but i still respect it. I think it's time to leave Iraq to thats why they been downsizing for awhile now. You said half the people hate the other half and the other half will kill each other.,,,,HA thats funny B/C they have been doing that for hundreds of yrs and will probably always will....They just refuse to except the other person for who they are and what religion they are so they will kill each other.
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