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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Haha, ease up, dude! I called you a moron originally because you came into a thread that was supposed to be about friends being thankful for each other & instead you went the exact opposite direction & bashed everyone here. I guess that "moron" wasn't the correct term. I believe "troll" is the more technical term.

The second time, I was joking around. My friend Dawn made fun of me for calling you a moron, so I was owning up to what I said. Honestly, if you're going to get this upset in a thread which, despite your best efforts, is still overwhelming dominated by friends joking with each other, then I would suggest you leave. You wouldn't stand a chance in a forum that allows people to have friends.
C'mon son, didn't you feel the love when I said bite me? You called me a moron twice.

How you can equate my first post with bashing everyone on this forum is amazing. You should ask VCU for a refund.

I can handle forums where friends congregate, though I feel that this forum is a bit too censored to allow a full expression of ideas. I can understand, I don't pay for the bandwidth here. In other forums that I participate in, the censors allow differing opinions on all subjects. When I wish to discuss certain topics, I will go there instead. I'll invite you if you so wish.

To the rest of the forum, my apologies again if I offended you.
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