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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Hey, Chael-hater, back off! This is for Matt Hughes-related crow, only!!!

I have no qualms in saying I'm not fan of Chael Sonnen.

but who cares about what some so-called journalists think about Matt Hughes?

It's good to see that some are finally ready to eat their words, but we should have come to expect this ignorance when it comes to the way some haters talk about Matt. With Chael, it's just more polarizing for me because it's fresh and new. 6 months ago a lot of fans hadn't even heard of Chael Sonnen, but Matt has been a legend for years and journalists have been writing him off and bashing him for a while now.

Oh, as expected, you can also add Rodney Dean from Sherdog to the list of tools not sharp enough to leave the shed when it comes to Matt Hughes. He said on MMA Sunday School that Matt is basically always trying to subtly bash his opponents and that by Matt saying he was happy to see an old wrestling move beat a Brazilian he was trying to stick the knife in Ricardo a little more.

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