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Ahhh...the Fabulous Mr Pena

I know that GOD has poured out many blessings on your work with various fighters. I dont happen to think all of this is just good preparation and good cornering. I truely believe that if a bunch of people wish to surrender their abilities and tallents for the purposes of GODs use, then he will aid and nurture, and open up prospects. With your permission and cooperation you begin to see that these achievements are done by GODs will channelling through yourselves, this is not to say success is on a plate all the time, rather GOD makes sure what he wants to happen, however unlikly to everyone else that may be, actually occures.

I dont think you three are alone in that corner during a fight, I dont think your alone watching the videos niether. Even the vast majority of Christians fail to realize that we come into contact with spiritual beings all the time. Those that are able to spur on the mind, allow you to see more possibilities, that is how GOD enhances the gifts he has given you if you allow him to. Thats what may allow you to see something during a fight that everyone else might miss. Compounded on this is actually the aim of what your trying to do, competative fighting, that is what the Host do. Saint Paul says that some people have entertained host and been unaware of it

Amor Et Fides

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