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Persistence. Go to each place 2 or 3 times a week and ask them if they've looked at your application, considered your application, etc. It shows a true desire to work.

My father didn't have a degree and was constantly bothering the top guy at IBM in Kansas City. My dad would wear a suit every morning for about a year, meet the guy in the parking lot, and say, "See?! I'm here before you are!" Then he would change out of his suit, and go to class. After a year, the guy finally broke down, gave him a job, and my dad began fixing computers for IBM all over the world, and he didn't even have his degree.

I took the same principles and haven't ever had a problem finding a job since then. If you show persistence, as soon as a position is available, you will be the one on their mind and they will call you. Sometimes, they will just make a position for you.

Good luck!
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