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I did too, Boomer. Normally, the closer it gets to the date of Matt's fights, I start to feel that anxious excitement inside. It's not that I don't have complete faith in Matt and his abilities, it's more about that "anything can happen in a fight" that Matt himself has mentioned a time or two. But this time, I just felt more peaceful. I too prayed for his safety in the cage and his safe return to his family.

Me too. I think it's that "special" something I've sensed about Matt since the first time I ever saw him fight. I think that's why so many people are drawn to him...not the fighter, but the man.

I hear yeah Bonnie. If you hang out with me for more than a day ... I don't get excited about much. In many cases I just been there done that and got board with it. But every single matt fight .... gets my blood pumping. Even after I know whats going to happen.

And yes ... agree. If I would have met matt out in a corn field (well actually I did ...) I would want to get to know him just as much in that situation as this. Just a good man. Not perfect ... but good.
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