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Default MMA Journalists Eating Crow

I've decided to begin compiling all the articles I can find of "experts" havin to eat their words concerning Matt. Those that contain info about other fighters have been editted so that only the bits pertaining to Matt remain.

WKR ( -
UFC 117's Winners and Losers

There have been many times where a UFC card has looked stacked on paper only to turn out to be completely underwhelming in actuality. Thankfully, UFC 117 was not one of those cards.

After a slow start with the mundane event that was UFC 114, fans have been treated to a sensational summer of UFC PPV cards, as UFC 115, 116, and now, 117, have delivered all the drama any fan could reasonably ask for. While it's unfortunate that we weren't shown more action from the undercard, that's a minor quibble when what we did get was so enthralling.

Don't be misled by the title, if you're looking for the quick results, here they are. What I'm presenting to you are the real winners and losers from last night's epic event:

Matt Hughes: Written off for the last couple years as little more than a novelty, Hughes showed that he still has what it takes to actually finish an opponent and not just top-control his way to a boring decision. I'm not saying that he'll become champion again, however by defeating a legitimate opponent en route to notching his third consecutive victory, he's once again relevant in the welterweight division.

Renzo Gracie Black Belts: Matt Hughes: 3 -- Renzo Gracie Black Belts: 0. Chalk up another victory for Hughes as he made it three in a row over Renzo Gracie and his students by submitting Ricardo Almeida in the first round. Not sure who else from Renzo's Academy that Hughes can fight but it looks like it might be awhile before they have another shot at revenge.

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