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Originally Posted by EHLERZ5
That's cause "You got people" right???

Don't you people let those H&R commercials fool you.... Read the small print at the bottom of the screen before the commercial goes off....

H & R Block will not cover you totally if they make a mistake.... If they goof up and cost you TAX money, that's still on YOU... But if they make a mistake that costs you "penalties & interest", then that's the portion THEY will cover....

Sorry... I'm the guy that usually fixes all the H&R Block's mistakes during the year.... LOL!!!!! Not a fan! They can get you your money the fastest... but they CRUSH you on the price to get it that fast....
yeah that may be the case but i did mine first online than i seen how much i was getting back than i got greedy so i didnt submit it and went to H & R so I can get my money now. ....

OH and by the way I use to have a lawyer do my taxes and he has made some mistakes and i seen the army screw them up time and time and time again so as long as a human is inputting numbers i dont care if you been doing it for 2 yrs or 18 yrs you will make mistakes thats why i ALWAYS do my taxes online first to see what i'm getting then I let some one to do them and if there is a difference I will raise a red flag and recheck them.I personally dont trust any accountant or anyone doing anything with my money but myself but like I said I wanted my money now thats why I went there this year.
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