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Your so full of it I've been on here for THREE years getting my ass kicked all the time for disagreeing with members, other Mods and Admin but I'm still here and have been a Mod almost the entire time.I've had knock down drag out fights with almost every regular here and survived! I've been to the Hit Squad, and even the Hughes farm, practically brawled with Mark Hughes and I'm a girl
It goes both ways. You've obviously not been paying attention.
You've just come here to get a rise and a little laugh with your friend. Well, funny haha your not but welcome to the forums anyway. I'm working real hard to not call you a name right now

Originally Posted by Buzzard
I hate to have my first post start this way, but here goes.

"I really believe that we have the best forum on the internet period."

While I have enjoyed reading here, I have never felt comfortable posting because I have seen the gang mentality in action here when one goes against the grain.

I have lurked here for probably over a year at least and have seen so much that has made me bite my tongue. I have seen posts deleted because the authors views didn't coincide with the moderators and things to that effect.

I have seen people banned for differing views, especially if one doesn't follow lock-step and love Bush and Christianity.

I could hold back no more, and apologize if I have offended anyone. I'm just calling it like I see it.

Oh Yeah, Looking forward to Matt's next fight. Go Matt!
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