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Matt Pena
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Default The Coach's Perspective

First off, I cant explain how satisfied I am with the final results of Matt's performance on Saturday. I dont spend a whole lot of time on MMA forums, but occasionally I do glance at those and the odds. And to say that nobody except his most true supporters thought he would win is vary fair to say. That stuff serves as great fodder for me. When I saw this, my conviction to find a holes in Almeida was even more sustained (if possible). Especially when I believe that Matt could be on top of the MMA world again, if he chose to train his striking all year round. I truly believe in the power of intent!

That first section almost sounded like I dictated the win, and thats not the case. I just read Matt's blog from a couple entries ago. He stated that he thought he has the best corner in the world. It might come off arrogant, but I truly believe this. Partially cause I have tons of