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I've been to that tourney before. Here's my advice:

1) Don't drink alcohol the night before.
2) Don't try to cut weight, really at novice it isn't worth it. All of our guys have had to learn that.
3) You will be nervous and have a rush of adrenaline. Surveryorshawn had it right, train longer to keep from gassing.
4) Don't lay and pray if you get the takedown waiting it out to win on those 2 points. That makes you look like a jerk.
5) Remember that it's supposed to be fun. That's the one that helped me the most. I just went and competed to say I'd done it. I wanted to have a good showing so as to not let my team and coach down. Other than that, I wanted to enjoy it.

That's all. For now.

I will either come up and cheer you on, be in SC at a regatta, or possibly be camping in the mountains that weekend. I'll let you know next month because that's when the regatta schedule will be decided by the bf for his teen rowing team.


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