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Originally Posted by Chuck
based on a very recent news item and turned it into calling somebody a monkey. That to me, is a huge leap.

In your own post you compare the cartoon to using the word nigger.

In my humble opinion.......
1.) In the cartoon the police killed a monkey, in reference to a topical news story, yes. But then the speech bubble states that they need to find someone else to write the stimulus package, thus the now dead monkey was the originally behind the stimulus. Since we all know Pres. Obama was actually behind the stimulus package, this cartoon is drawing parallels between an African American and an ape. Racist.

2. No, you are ignorant* I compare calling a black person** an ape to calling a black person the Nword.

3. Look up the word humble

*Look up that word, because you probably don't know the actual meaning is and you think it is the same thing as arrogant.
**Let alone the President of the United States of America and the leader of the free world... but of course I'm talking to a guy who wont even refer to our leader as President Obama and instead uses his middle name as if to be witty and edgey in making some sort of muslim/terrorist connection.
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