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Originally Posted by Jonlion View Post
yeah Anderson will know he has been in a fight when he wakes this morning. Chael was so so close. Have to take my hat off to andersons chin and heart and skill. For alll his talk - at least Chael did do what he said - he roughed him up! And this makes everyone take Andersons ability and champion heart and notch him up a grade.

Whenever I watch Matt fight now I am on tenterhooks and was a bit nervous - as to begin Almeadia looked sharp. Nothing to trouble Hughes to begin with but he looked quick.

The great thing is that people now will actually be worried - I think for the first real time MMA fighters will be like "well I fear hughes on the ground, and getting taked down but I need to watch those punches cos the'll hurt"

The fact Matt has this mentally equips even better.
Well my theory is that the word "retire" that was uttered around the UFC85 mark, led people, fans and fighters, into a false sense of security in terms of Matt Hughes.

They saw his loss best of three to Georges Saint Pierre, and rather then saying "hey the guy has been training his whole professional life to actually beat Matt Hughes, and after about five odd years has finally been successful" they said "well how dangerous can matt hughes actually be if Georges Saint Pierre can finish him twice?" So then Thiago Alves beats him, and rather then saying "hey now, that was not a Welter-Weight contest because Thiago Alves failed to make weight, with the excuse of a bum knee, and then goes and catches Hughes..with it" they say "Well GSP made certain Hughes wasnt Champion, now Alves makes Certain he isnt a Challenger."

So then Matt Hughes mentions possible retirement, and rather then saying "he might yet get a second wind" they say "oh, probably for the best, he's done, his time is past"

Then comes Matt Serra, and instead of saying "Matt Serra cheated in the first round thank GOD he lost the decision" they say "ahh but that was a bum decision, it was split and should have been Matt Serra"

Then when it comes to Gracie they started to wane a little...some people were like..."ohh...He beat a Gracie.." but the majority were still saying "No, its just that Gracie makes Matt Hughes Striking look good"

So when Ricardo was mentioned...they say "Is Hughes picking his fights now, coz he seems to be padding his career out now with Gracie Associates...does he realize that Ricardo is for real???"



Now people will be frightened...because they cant try and rationalize their way out of it. Ricardo looked on form to begin they cant claim he's ill, injured, or had a bad night. His demise began with a they cant complain about Matt Hughes not being able to do that. He was absolutely submitted, so they cant claim that Hughes coasted to a decision, neither can they say it was a flase stoppage...and Ricardo IS Legitamate...the MOST legitamate person, Hughes has faced since Georges Saint Pierre...and he dominated and finished...and YES...Now people are Skeeeered....

They talked themelves into muting Matt they have been shown the error of their ways in a fashion they cant deny.
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