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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I absolutely agree. I think that has to be one of my favourite Hughes Fights, Short and to the point, showing off all his most positive attributes, like strength, wrestling...and a finish against possibly the most legitamate Gracie-trained he has fought yet. Came out relatively unscathed, prooved a load of haters wrong. It some other site said that JB quoted in the spoilers thread "absolute perfection" it just was simply outstanding.

To Ricardos credit, he didnt tap out... but...not sure he had much of a chance to be fair

It appears the UFC have heavily rewarded Anderson...which I think is okay...reinforce good behaviour. Anderson got his pay plus winners bonus, then ontop of that he got fight of the night, and on top of that he got the equivilent of a submission of the night bonus also. Thats three atop his salary for the fight. Hopefully that, combined with how close Chael came to winning will convince him its worth putting on a show EVERY time he fights
yeah Anderson will know he has been in a fight when he wakes this morning. Chael was so so close. Have to take my hat off to andersons chin and heart and skill. For alll his talk - at least Chael did do what he said - he roughed him up! And this makes everyone take Andersons ability and champion heart and notch him up a grade.

Whenever I watch Matt fight now I am on tenterhooks and was a bit nervous - as to begin Almeadia looked sharp. Nothing to trouble Hughes to begin with but he looked quick.

The great thing is that people now will actually be worried - I think for the first real time MMA fighters will be like "well I fear hughes on the ground, and getting taked down but I need to watch those punches cos the'll hurt"

The fact Matt has this mentally equips even better.
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