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Wowser...I am REALLY impressed! I hear that You won one of the Bonuses for that, and I'm not surprised. I shall admit I thought you would win by decision, I was NOT expecting a finish...certainly not like...that. I had a very long debate with another English Video Predictor who simply doesnt like you for no good reason and was going on and on and on....well. That shut him up

I keep saying, and people keep forgetting...outside of GSP...specifically at Welterweight...(not catch weight) who is it that all these haters believe you've lost too that would make you suddenly not valid anymore?? The answer is...noone...its a lot of hype surrounding the possibility of retirement that has made them think suddenly you cant perform....which is why they constantly get a shock every time you win.

He voted against you with Serra, he voted against you with Gracie, He voted against you with Almeida...EVERY SINGLE TUME I told him all he was doing was listening to the voices of uneducated trolls who were convinced since you were going to retire, you werent a threat no more...I kept telling him there was absolutely NO good reason to suppose that you were any less then before GSP3...but would he listen to reason


Well now he's been shown ...not that I bragged....much
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