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Black Mamba
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I highly doubt racism will be solved. It's been around 70ish years since women were able to vote and less than 50 years since minorities were able to really do things in the US. We've came a long way, but we still have miles to go. I don't like the fact that colleges use affirmative action because imo I would rather be judged based on my qualifications not my race and gender. That's probably the one part of any application that I hate: what is your race and gender? None of your f-ing business.

But I do agree with you Chuck that people need to be honest about it. I would rather know upfront that someone doesn't like because I'm a n-word, an oreo, or any other racial slur that's applicable to me. Then I'll just leave and ignore your booty.

When I was four I had really hair brain wish. I used to wish that everyone could be stripped of their skin color so maybe then racism could bye-bye. But then other forms of racism would probably happen, such as eye color.
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