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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
They certainly are playing well, and renting Cliff Lee for the rest of the year will definitely help.

Still, I doubt it. Even though I'm a die hard White-Sox fan and I would love to say THEY are gonna win (and they are in 1st place in the ALC), I still think it comes down to the Yankees or the Rays in the American League.

I love Nolan Ryan though, and would be happy for him if he could win a World Series with the Rangers, even if he is just a front office guy now I know that would be special for him.
Yeah I have been noticing the White Sox are doing well, quite like them.

I always thought Boston and the Cubs were huge teams with big reputations but them seem impotent again this year.

I really dislike the Yankees, mainly because they keep winning. Fingers crossed for the Rangers.

And hopefully the Detroit Lions can be a force next year,.............too far?
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