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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
Since the stimulus package is Obama's brain child, they are drawing parallels between an African American and an ape, thus: racist. In this world you have to realize that there are some names you cant call some people. Saying Matt Hughes is like a gorilla on the wrestling mat would be ok, but call a black man a chimp is racist.

Call it a double standard or hypocritcal, but its a fact... if you dont believe me, come visit me in Philadelphia and start calling black guys monkeys and see what happens. It's like the Nword, they both are just groups of letters that form words but they are heavy words with deep historical negative conontations... and their history is not that far in our past.

This isnt this guys first offensive drawing either, he has received a lot of flack from the Jewish community from earlier cartoons.
The problem with the cartoon is the exact same problem with your post... you took a cartoon based on a very recent news item and turned it into calling somebody a monkey. That to me, is a huge leap. The same leap made by the oh so vocal minorities. Nobody... absolutely NOBODY called Hussein anything.... the cartoon dosen't even IMPLY it's him.. Hussein didn't write the Stimulus bill.... many people of all races wrote it. To somehow make it all about Hussein is a reach... to make it a racial cartoon is an even bigger reach.

In your own post you compare the cartoon to using the word nigger. (Yes I typed it... does that make me a racist? Insensitive? If I typed Honkie would you care? Gook? Redskin?? I doubt it) Do you really think a cartoon with a chimp and a reference to a piece of legislation is the same thing as using the most inflamatory racial slur currently in our vocabulary??

That's just nuts.

Racism is a huge problem in America, especially here in the South where I live. When society exaggerates things like this cartoon into some sort of racial issue it only hurts the minorities. Ever hear of crying wolf? If we continue to make a big deal out of something with hardly any racial overtones to begin with then the real acts of racism will just become another drop in the bucket.
Racism is a problem that can and will be solved ONLY when people start being honest about it. We, as a society need to quit reaching and over-reacting to the little things and start paying attention to the real issues.

In my humble opinion.......
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