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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
you mean there wasn't enough for you to think about already? i thought it was a great movie with a great concept and lots of good twists ..... also saw toy story 3 ... didn't see the first two, but i don't think i was too lost .... oh, and rented book of eli on the weekend ... good movie too ... the coloured fella in the lead role is kinda good .. has he done anything else ??
I thought it was going to be more about espinoarge and the subconscious, and less about a love story based on dreams. I mean it was good as a film, but the way it was marketted I was expecting it to carry some philosophy with it which would be intreguing. I was hoping that Inception would do for the Sub Con, what the Matrix did for Descartesian Radical Doubt.

But it didnt.
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