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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
Basically, Glenn Beck reviews just how much money the Federal Reserve has printed up in the last few months and how it is devaluing our money. But yet some how we are going to get this economy going again......

If you get a chance after work, you should watch the vid.
I watched this video a couple of weeks ago and talked about this in another thread:

Originally Posted by NateR
Back to the hyperinflation, when Germany started printing money out of control, prices skyrocketed to unbelievable levels almost overnight.

This is a 50 Mark note, which could buy 25 loaves of bread in 1920 (equivalent to our dollar, bread is about $2 a loaf right now).

This is a 5,000,000,000 Mark note (that's 5 billion). In November 1923, you would have needed 40 of these to buy a single loaf of bread (equivalent to $90 billion for one loaf of bread).

Within hours, you would have needed 80 of these to buy half a loaf of bread. That's how quickly it can all fall apart.

There were many factors that played into the collapse of the German economy, but the basic premise is sound: If you print too much worthless money, eventually ALL of your money becomes worthless.
But it's not all bad, you can always use the worthless bills for wallpaper like this German in 1923:

And the street sweepers will have plenty of work to do, like this Hungarian whose country suffered from hyperinflation in 1946.
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