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This is from former all-pro Safety Rodney Harrison. It's nice to see someone in the sports media call it like they see it instead of kissing his arse all the time like ESPN does...they have got to be the biggest brown-nosers I've ever seen

Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, the current NBC studio analyst implied Favre had no class and that he teases everyone with retirement flip-flops because he craves the attention of the media.

"You get to a point at 40 years old that you know exactly what you want to do — if you want to play football or not. And that's why I've been critical of this guy. Because it's so unfair to your teammates, it's unfair to your coaches, it's unfair to the city, the organization that you keep leaving people hung out to dry like that.

I've never understood Brett Favre(notes). I just think he loves the media attention. At 40 years old, you know if you want to grind through an 18-week season.

If I was a teammate of his, I'd probably be a little ticked off he's not in training camp."
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