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I agree...

What Brett has done is much worse than LeBron...

I will give Favre a slight benefit of the doubt in wanting to see how his ankle surgery played out, but if he decides to come back after the training camps and preseason is over, or if he rides in on a white horse during the Vikings bye-week in week 4, I hope the media slams him good.

LeBron has taken it on the chin, and yes he made a couple arrogant moves, but Favre could have told the Vikings a while back and actually given them a chance to secure a good Donovan McNabb.
this year with the ankle hasn't bothered me as much, but the last few years where he drags it out until the last minute is just complete bogus...Lebron put on a media charade this summer which irritated me and I probably wont' find myself rooting for him as much anymore, but throughout the last several years, his media-whoreness pales in comparison to Favre
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