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Originally Posted by Jeff Crow
I was just wondering why it said I was getting $1264 before I put in the correct amount?
Because you originally put in the incorrect amount. Did you flunk math, Jeff?

The government "owed" you $600 last year, so when you said they only paid you $300, then that meant they still owed you another $300. So that showed up in your return this year. When it was discovered that they had actually paid you the full $600, then you got your true return.

If the computer hadn't caught the mistake and you had filed, then you would have had to pay back that $300 plus penalties and interest.

Speaking from experience, I let the Army do my taxes for 1999 and it turns out they messed up and I was overpaid $900 in my return. Well, I didn't find out until late 2001 and the interest was backdated to the spring of 2000, so I ended up owing the IRS over $1100.

So, just be glad that it was caught before you filed.
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