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I feel ironic. A little too ironic. OK sorry about that 90s music flash back intro. Anyways, Sunday we had softball practice. The coach ask me "Kelly what position do you want to play?" I preceed to tell him catcher in co-ed because I'm a coward and despite my 4 years at 3rd base playing fast pitch, no teenage girl can hit like a 250lb man and I'm not interest in getting hit with a line drive to the face. Yes I am paranoid. But not really. Everyone kind of laughs it off and we start practicing and then wham! Short stop takes a line drive to the face! (Right field never felt so good to me.) He dropped and I enter mom mode even though the guys is only maybe 2 years younger than me. Once we got ice on his eye I told him there was no need to waste that shinner. Stop by our house after pratice and my hubby would hook him up with a TapouT shirt to wear around and he'd look like the coolest guy in town.
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